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La Cabane - A Beach Story: Dolce&Gabbana Inspired Chic Beach Club

The Marbella coast has seen another transformation, this time it was an establishment with 60 years heritage to build on - La Cabane. Mosh group, known to score a winning formula numerous times with venues in Marbella region, have partnered up with Dolce&Gabbana and Dani Garcia to create a unique experience. All the work put in by everyone definitely shows as we have a world-class beach club, worthy of recognition and praise. A chic and modern design, great music atmosphere heating up throughout the day, friendly service and a well functioning Italian restaurant orchestrated by Dani Garcia. As the team describes it, La Cabane is setting its sights on becoming the premier Beach Club in southern Europe. According to our last visit, they might be in with a chance.

As soon as you arrive at La Cabane, you are welcomed by a vivid interior design features of the Blu Mediterraneo print by the house of Dolce&Gabbana. Plenty of pieces of the brands DGCASA collection - towels, pillows, chairs, napkins and endless other details you keep discovering throughout your visit. DG also created unique uniforms for the La Cabane crew, but those are not for sale (in case you were wondering). What is up for purchase, though, is plenty of resort and DGCASA items which are displayed in the pop-up shop at the entrance in the beach club,

The Blu Mediterraneo visuals are also extended into the pool area, the sun beds and the cabanas. Both of those cannot be reserved but can be purchased upon arrival, so you should be somewhat early if you are planning to spend the day catching the sun at the pool area. The pool itself felt decent size for the amount of people as were the rest of facilities which did not give visitors a crowded feeling. From the sun beds you will be able to access the pool menu of drinks and food which should comfortably keep you fed throughout the day. The pool menu is served from the previously mentioned beach club restaurant curated by famous 3-star Michelin chef, Dani Garcia. His creative menu transports diners to the heart of Italy and is drawing a lot of inspiration from the majolica ceramics of Southern Italy.

During our visit, we tried a fantastic burrata with caviar, but the real star was pizza with amazingly good mortadella. And let's not forget the delightful Instagram-worthy desserts shaped like Dolce&Gabbana bags – so innovative and delicious! Some other interesting options include the “Red Prawn and Caviar Tartar Sandwich”, “Wagyu Burger Bull” and “Crispy Prawns and Basil”.

We struck out on reserving a table in the restaurant during our visit, as it was packed with Dolce&Gabbana global ambassadors. Not to re-do our mistakes - it might be a good idea to book a table a week in advance. If you decide to have a meal there, the restaurant’s menu highlights include:

1. Capsula Caviar: A selection of sandwiches, pizzas, pastas and fish where caviar is the protagonist.

2. Mediterráneo: Fish and seafood dishes with Spanish and Italian Mediterranean flavours.

3. Pizza: A selection of pizzas with ingredients to suit all tastes.

4. Antipasti: Starters and salads to match the rest of the menu.

5. Pasta e Riso: Rice and pasta dishes characteristic of Italian cuisine.

6. Meat: A selection of the best meats for those looking for something different.

7. Pesce e Frutti di Mare: The best fish from the coast, grilled.

Overall, the collaboration between Dolce & Gabbana, the Mosh Group, and the Dani García Group has created a sophisticated ambiance, stunning design, and exceptional gastronomy. In terms of La Cabane claiming the spot among the top beach club locations in Southern Europe, it will likely come down to sustaining level of quality over a longer period of time. We certainly look forward to make our return to La Cabane soon!


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