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Pajama Pants: The Must-Have Summer Fashion Statement

While this year's selection of trends included usual summer favourites like long summer dresses, maxi skirts, airy linen pants and raffia accessories, we spotted a standout piece that many fashionistas are incorporating into their closets - pajama pants.

This stylish and comfortable addition is finding its way into countless closets, becoming a must-have for those seeking both chicness and ease in their summer wardrobe. When temperatures rise, nothing feels better than slipping into breathable and comfortable materials. The pandemic has granted us the freedom to embrace a relaxed and casual style, even outside of our homes. Pajamas have emerged as a noteworthy piece that, with the right fashion accessories, become an ideal choice for informal occasions. However, we're not necessarily talking about actual sleepwear; high street and designer pieces have adopted the most comfortable cuts, recreating the pajama look in a fashion-forward way.

Instagram influencers have already embraced the look with pajama pants or pajama shorts which look like boxer shorts, the kind you'd steal from your boyfriend and wear around the house, pairing it effortlessly with simple white tank tops and t-shirts. For a complete pajama-inspired ensemble, you can even match them with coordinating shirts, creating a chic and comfortable outfit for any laid-back occasion. You can also style them with bra, chic blazer, cool dad sandals and pair of very cool sunglasses.

You can find our suggestions on how to style a pajama-inspired look below.

And here's a few pajama pants we recommend to add in your wardrobe:

Gucci cotton poplin shorts. Mytheresa.


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